Be Not Afraid


Welcome to the highway of 2077 Anarcho-Tokyo


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Be Not Afraid is an arcade racing game where you control a hoverbike messenger working in the city of Anarcho-Tokyo in the year 2077, racing around its highways at full speed to deliver messages to different characters.

You'll need to figure out which zones to work in order to deliver your messages on time, which is not an easy task. During your trips, you'll come across tons of cars circulating in both directions, which you'll need to dodge if you want to make good time. And the highway is only two lanes, so you need to be careful not to swerve out too far and hit one of the palm trees lining the road.

Once you've finished each course, which aren't any longer than a minute or two, you'll deliver your message and exchange a few words with its recipient. In this way, you'll get to know some interesting characters, who will tell you some disturbing facts about human nature.

Be Not Afraid is a fun, frenetic racing game with an interesting storyline and some really charming 8bit-style graphics.
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